21W.770 Advanced Fiction Workshop

4.614 Architecture in the Islamic World

21M.235 Monteverdi to Mozart: 1600-1800

21W.762 Poetry Workshop

21M.304 Writing in Tonal Forms II

21M.362 Electronic Music Composition II

21M.785 Playwrights' Workshop

21M.734 Lighting Design for the Theater

21W.769 Playwrights' Workshop

21W.771 Advanced Poetry Workshop

21M.342 Composing for Jazz Orchestra

21M.605 Voice and Speech for the Actor

21M.705 The Actor and the Text

21M.051 Fundamentals of Music

SP.360 Terrascope Radio

21M.220 Early Music

21M.711 Production Seminar

21M.341 Jazz Composition

21M.293 Music of Africa

21M.273 Opera

21W.757 Fiction Workshop

21M.361 Electronic Music Composition I

21M.340 Jazz Harmony and Arranging

21M.355 Musical Improvisation

21M.645 Motion Theater

21W.763 Transmedia Storytelling: Modern Science Fiction

CMS.309 Transmedia Storytelling: Modern Science Fiction

21M.303 Writing in Tonal Forms I

21W.755 Writing and Reading Short Stories

CMS.611 Creating Video Games

21M.732 Costume Design for the Theater

21W.750 Experimental Writing

4.651 Art Since 1940

21L.005 Introduction to Drama

21M.606 Introduction to Stagecraft

21M.600 Introduction to Acting

21M.624 Acting with the Camera

21W.754 Playwriting I

21M.604 Playwriting I

21M.351 Music Composition

21M.250 Beethoven to Mahler: 1800-1910

21M.269 Studies in Western Music History

21W.749 Documentary Photography and Photojournalism: Still Images of a World in Motion

21M.289 Studies in Western Classical Genres

4.354 Introduction to Video and Related Media

4.635 Early Modern Architecture and Art

4.352 Advanced Video and Related Media

21W.740 Writing Autobiography and Biography

CMS.608 Game Design

21M.260 Stravinsky to the Present

21M.790 Directing

21W.786J The Social Documentary: Analysis and Production

CMS.314J Phantasmal Media: Theory and Practice

21M.301 Harmony and Counterpoint I

21M.223 Folk Music of the British Isles and North America

21M.302 Harmony and Counterpoint II

4.301 Introduction to Artistic Experimentation

4.602 Modern Art and Mass Culture

21M.215 Music of the Americas

21M.310 Techniques of 20th-Century Composition

CMS.335 Short Attention Span Documentary

21W.790 Short Attention Span Documentary

4.111 Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design

4.341 Introduction to Photography and Related Media

CMS.609 The Word Made Digital

21W.764 The Word Made Digital

CMS.617 Advanced Game Studio

21M.030 Introduction to World Music

STS.035 Exhibiting Science

MAS.110 Fundamentals of Computational Media Design

21M.011 Introduction to Western Music

4.601 Introduction to Art History

4.312 Advanced Studio on the Production of Space

21M.284 Film Music

STS.056 Science on Screen

21M.294 Popular Musics of the World

21M.710 Script Analysis

21M.065 Introduction to Musical Composition

4.361 Performance Art Workshop

4.368 Studio Seminar in Public Art/Public Sphere

21M.291 Music of India

4.314 Advanced Workshop in Artistic Practice and Transdisciplinary Research

4.344 Advanced Photography and Related Media

CMS.338 Innovation in Documentary: Technologies and Techniques

21M.735 Technical Design for Performance

21W.759 Writing Science Fiction

4.11A Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design Intensive

4.330 Introduction to Networked Cultures and Participatory Media

21M.603 Introduction to Design for the Theater

4.356 Cinematic Migrations

CMS.613 Writing for Social Media

21W.751 Writing for Social Media

4.606 Visual Perception and Art

21W.785 Communicating with Web-Based Media

21M.380 Music and Technology

4.605 A Global History of Architecture

21L.011 The Film Experience

4.373 Advanced Projects in Visual Arts

21M.840 Performance Media

4.609 Seminar in the History of Art and Architecture

21W.756 Writing and Reading Poems

21W.772 Digital Poetry

21W.758 Genre Fiction Workshop

6.073 Creating Video Games

4.615 The Architecture of Cairo

21F.049 French Photography

21W.753J Phantasmal Media: Theory and Practice

21L.489 Interactive Narrative

21M.283 Musicals of Stage and Screen

CMS.628 Advanced Identity Representation

CMS.631 Systems Visualization

21L.486 Modern Drama

21M.846 Topics in Performance Studies

21M.611 Foundations of Theater Practice

21M.733 Scenic Design

21M.704 Musical Theater Workshop

21M.830 Acting: Techniques and Style

21M.500 Advanced Seminar in Music

4.021 Introduction to Architecture Design

21M.295 American Popular Music

4.322 Introduction to Three-Dimensional Art Work

21M.271 Symphony and Concerto

21L.023 Folk Music of the British Isles and North America

21M.226 Jazz

21W.765 Interactive Narrative

CMS.301 Introduction to Game Design Methods

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