WGS.175J Reproductive Politics and Technologies

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Examines through comparative case studies how cultural, moral, and political values give meaning to human reproductive events and inform people's uses of medical technologies. Focuses on how technological mediations of fertility, pregnancy and birth (e.g., contraception, abortion, in vitro fertilization, prenatal testing, etc.) offer opportunities for the formation of gender and kinship, the reproduction of social inequalities, and the implementation of national population and international development agendas. Considers how bioethical evaluation of reproductive technologies might take into account the motivations and experiences of actual users.

This class has no prerequisites.

WGS.175J will be offered this semester (Fall 2019). It is instructed by H. Paxson.

This class counts for a total of 12 credits. This class counts as a HASS S.

You can find more information at the women's & gender studies site.

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