MAS.600 Human 2.0

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Covers principles underlying current and future technologies for cognitive, emotional and physical augmentation. Focuses on using anatomical, biomechanical, neuromechanical, biochemical and neurological models of the human body to guide the designs of augmentation technology for persons with either unusual or normal physiologies that wish to extend their cognitive, emotion, social or physical capability to new levels. Topics include robotic exoskeletons and powered orthoses, external limb prostheses, neural implant technology, social-emotional prostheses, and cognitive prostheses. Requires student presentations, critiques of class readings, and a final project including a publication-quality paper. Enrollment limited.

This class has no prerequisites.

MAS.600 will not be offered this semester. It will be available in the Spring semester, and will be instructed by .

This class counts for a total of 9 credits. This is a graduate-level class.

You can find more information at the About Media Arts & Sciences — MIT Media Lab site.

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