9.322 Genetic Methods in Neurobiology

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Presents selected topics in which genetic analysis informs neurobiological issues, including action potential conduction and synaptic release in Drosophila, axon guidance in nematodes and Drosophila, olfaction and orienting behavior in nematodes. Studies hippocampal and cortical circuitry and function in mice, as well as genetically-determined and genetically-influenced human traits and diseases. Reviews methods such as mutagenesis, gene knockouts and transgene constructs, tissue-specific expression vectors, optically, chemically and thermally-inducible gene activation and inactivation.

This class has no prerequisites.

9.322 will not be offered this semester. It will be instructed by W. G. Quinn.

Lecture occurs 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in 46-4062.

This class counts for a total of 9 credits.

In the Spring 2015 Subject Evaluations, 9.322 was rated 6.0 out of 7.0. You can find more information on MIT OpenCourseWare at the Genetic Neurobiology site or on the 9.322 Stellar site.

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