9.123[J] Neurotechnology in Action (New)

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Offers a fast-paced introduction to numerous laboratory methods at the forefront of modern neurobiology. Comprises a sequence of modules focusing on neurotechnologies that are developed and used by MIT research groups. Each module consists of a background lecture and 1-2 days of firsthand laboratory experience. Topics typically include optical imaging, optogenetics, high throughput neurobiology, MRI/fMRI, advanced electrophysiology, viral and genetic tools, and connectomics.

This class has no prerequisites.

9.123[J] will not be offered this semester. It will be instructed by E. Boyden, M. Jonas and A. Jasanoff.

Lecture occurs 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in 46-4062.

This class counts for a total of 12 credits. This is a graduate-level class.

You can find more information on MIT OpenCourseWare at the Neurotechnology in Action site.

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Neurotechnology in Action
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