8.422 Atomic and Optical Physics II

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The second of a two-term subject sequence that provides the foundations for contemporary research in selected areas of atomic and optical physics. Non-classical states of light- squeezed states; multi-photon processes, Raman scattering; coherence- level crossings, quantum beats, double resonance, superradiance; trapping and cooling- light forces, laser cooling, atom optics, spectroscopy of trapped atoms and ions; atomic interactions- classical collisions, quantum scattering theory, ultracold collisions; and experimental methods.

This class has 8.05 as a prerequisite.

8.422 will not be offered this semester. It will be instructed by .

This class counts for a total of 12 credits. This is a graduate-level class.

You can find more information at the 8.422 Spring 2017 site or on the 8.422 Stellar site.

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