6.914 Project Engineering

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Students attend a four-day off-site workshop where an introduction to basic principles, methods, and tools for project management in a realistic context are covered. In teams, students create a plan for a project of their choice in one of several areas, including aircraft modification, factory automation, enterprise software, flood prevention engineering, solar farm engineering, among others. Develops skills applicable to the management of complex development projects. Topics include cost-benefit analysis, resource and cost estimation, and project control and delivery, which are practiced during an experimental, team-based activity. Case studies highlight projects in both hardware/construction and software. Preference to students in the Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program.

This class has 6.902, 6.911, and 6.912 as prerequisites.

6.914 will not be offered this semester. It will be available during IAP.

This class counts for a total of 4 credits.

You can find more information at the About GEL Year Two site.

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