6.453 Quantum Optical Communication

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Quantum optics: Dirac notation quantum mechanics; harmonic oscillator quantization; number states, coherent states, and squeezed states; radiation field quantization and quantum field propagation; P-representation and classical fields. Linear loss and linear amplification: commutator preservation and the Uncertainty Principle; beam splitters; phase-insensitive and phase-sensitive amplifiers. Quantum photodetection: direct detection, heterodyne detection, and homodyne detection. Second-order nonlinear optics: phasematched interactions; optical parametric amplifiers; generation of squeezed states, photon-twin beams, non-classical fourth-order interference, and polarization entanglement. Quantum systems theory: optimum binary detection; quantum precision measurements; quantum cryptography; and quantum teleportation.

This class has 6.011, and 18.06 as prerequisites.

6.453 will be offered this semester (Fall 2019). It is instructed by J. H. Shapiro.

This class counts for a total of 12 credits. This is a graduate-level class.

You can find more information on MIT OpenCourseWare at the Quantum Optical Communication site.

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Quantum Optical Communication
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