2.EPE UPOP Engineering Practice Experience

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Provides sophomores with guided practice in finding opportunities and excelling in the world of practice. Building on the skills and relationships acquired in the Engineering Practice Workshop, students receive coaching to articulate goals, invoke the UPOP network of mentors and employers, identify and pursue opportunities and negotiate terms of their summer assignment. Students complete a 10-12 week internship, which includes filing three progress reports, conducting one informational interview, and possibly hosting a site visit by MIT staff. Returning to campus as juniors, UPOP students take part in reflective exercises that aid assimilation of learning objectives and reinforce the cognitive link between all aspects of the UPOP experience and disciplinary fields of study. Sequence begins in the spring of sophomore year and ends in the fall of junior year.

This class has no prerequisites.

2.EPE will be offered this semester (Fall 2019).

This class counts for a total of 1 credits.

You can find more information at the Fall 2019 Course 2: Mechanical Engineering site.

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