18.9501 Differential Geometry

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Introduction to differential geometry, centered on notions of curvature. Starts with curves in the plane, and proceeds to higher dimensional submanifolds. Computations in coordinate charts: first and second fundamental form, Christoffel symbols. Discusses the distinction between extrinsic and intrinsic aspects, in particular Gauss' theorema egregium. The Gauss-Bonnet theorem. Geodesics. Examples such as hyperbolic space. Students in Course 18 must register for the undergraduate version, 18.950.

This class has 18.100A, 18.100B, 18.100P, 18.100Q, 18.06, 18.700, and 18.701 as prerequisites.

18.9501 will not be offered this semester. It will be available in the Spring semester, and will be instructed by B. Wilson.

This class counts for a total of 12 credits. This is a graduate-level class.

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