12.510 Introduction to Seismology

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A basic study in seismology and the utilization of seismic waves for the study of Earth's interior. Introduces techniques necessary for understanding of elastic wave propagation in stratified media and for calculation of synthetic seismograms (WKBJ and mode summation). Ray theory; interpretation of travel times. (e.g., tomography); surface wave dispersion in layered media; Earth's free oscillations; and seismicity, (earthquake locations, magnitude, moment, and source properties).

This class has 18.075, and 18.085 as prerequisites.

12.510 will be offered this semester (Spring 2018). It is instructed by R. Van Der Hilt.

This class counts for a total of 12 credits. This is a graduate-level class.

You can find more information at the http://www.google.com/search?&q=MIT+%2B+12.510&btnG=Google+Search&inurl=https site.

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