10.540 Intracellular Dynamics

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Covers current models and descriptions of the internal cell dynamics of macromolecules due to reaction and transport. Two major areas will be explored: the process of gene expression, including protein-DNA interactions, chromatin dynamics, and the stochastic nature of gene expression; and cell signaling systems, especially those that lead to or rely on intracellular protein gradients. This class is intended for graduate students or advanced undergraduates with some background in cell biology, transport, and kinetics. An introductory class in probability is recommended.

This class has 18.03, 7.06, and 10.302 as prerequisites.

10.540 will be offered this semester (Spring 2018). It is instructed by .

This class counts for a total of 12 credits. This is a graduate-level class.

You can find more information at the Chemical Engineering (Course 10) < MIT site or on the 10.540 Stellar site.

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